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Benefits of Getting a French Bulldog Today, dogs are part of the family, there are certainly a lot of people today who have dogs and consider them just to be one of their children or their brother or sister. Dogs have been living with people for many years already, and today it is not hard at all to find people who keep a dog as a pet. The reason why many people keep a dog as pet is because there are a bunch of benefits that they will get from it. Not only are dogs cute companions, they can also serve as guards during the night. Someone who is thinking of a dog however, must be aware that dogs are very different from each other, good habits are present in some breeds as are bad habits. Someone who is looking for a pet should certainly look into the habits of that particular breed before proceeding to take home that cute puppy. Today, let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should get a French bulldog. What comes to your mind when you hear the word bulldog? This someone might imagine a French bulldog to be a giant dog wearing those scary spiked collars, with sharp teeth and a flat nose to bite anyone that comes its way. However this is not true at all, although French bulldog are bulldogs, therefore they have the features of a bulldog, they are a lot smaller than their big cousins. Therefore people need to know that French bulldogs aren’t those scary big dogs, they are small and adorable doggies. So now that you know that they aren’t those scary dogs, that they are small a cute, why should you get a French bulldog instead of other breeds? Well first of all, French bulldogs are great companions.
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Anyone who likes a playful doggie will certainly enjoy a French bulldog because French bulldogs love playing games! Another good thing about French bulldogs is, despite being fun-loving doggies, they don’t actually need a lot of exercise. Therefore the need to make an effort to give your dog enough exercise isn’t all that hard with a French bulldog.
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No matter how cute dogs are though, their barks can get really annoying and disturbing both to you and your neighbors. People who own French bulldogs however, enjoy the fact that their doggie doesn’t bark as much as other breeds. French bulldogs are not mute though, and they will bark occasionally, but it is a lot less than other breeds.