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Various Interesting Facts on Koi Fish

In different countries, there are many kinds of breeds of koi fish and with this, there are some people who treat this kind of fish as valuable or they find it as an ornament as well because of its colors and shape of the body as well. It will be very helpful for you to know about koi fish if you intend to have one or if you intend to buy one so that you will know what to do with this kind of fish in the process.

If you plan to purchase or own a koi fish, you must know and understand that koi fishes are illegal when you possess one in some states or in some countries that is why the local authorities are confiscating this kind of fish for those home owners. In some countries, these koi fishes have high value because they are being used in koi competition if the fish has a perfect combination of colors, pattern and good quality of skin and some would really pay big money for this kind of fish in competitions.

When you want to take care of koi fishes, you must also know that they grow at about three feet long in a year like dogs and cats and this is big as compare to other fishes in the tanks or ponds and this is really interesting to know. During wintern season, koi fish are dormant and they usually stay under water or below the pond so that they can feel warm and they need oxygen in order to survive as well under water and they breathe out carbon dioxide as well like some animals.

The good thing about these koi fishes is that they have different sizes and colors and some colors include blue, green, yellow, white, black, red, gray and brown and they also come in different sizes as well that is why they come in over 200 varieties. Another fact about koi fishes is that you can train them to eat on your hands and if you will place your hand still in the water, they will go to your hand and eat from there but this may take a few days.

After you feed koi fishes in ponds, after twenty minutes, the koi fishes will follow you again and act like they are still starving and this is their trait like most other koi fishes will do when you are feeding them as well. It is another interesting fact or information to know that most countries in different continents are keeping koi fishes as their pets in their aquarium or ponds and this is a good news if you are planning to own one or to have one for yourself.