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Top Four Qualities of an Excellent Web Studio

Are you looking for a quality web agency to work on your new website? It’s important that you know what you’re looking for in an agency or individual before you hire them, if you want to avoid disappointment. Luckily, there’s a plethora of choices these days when it comes to web design tasks. You must however consider a number of things, as not every designer/studio will give you a satisfactory experience.

Here are the four most important elements of a proper web studio.

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The first thing you want to check out as the client is the company’s portfolio. Sure, the agency might have a stunning website and use the best copywriting, but evidence of their competence can only be found in their portfolio. For every work presented in the portfolio, there should be a live link to the client’s website. Don’t rush though this step, as you try to find a project that’s somewhat similar to yours.
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A good portfolio should demonstrate a broad range of skills. Is the company conversant with the latest trends in web design technology? Does it employ actual programmers, or all its websites are built on a CMS like WordPress? It might help to look through the ‘Team’ page to see the range of design/programming skills the company boasts of.

Additional services

The modern Essex web studio should be able to handle the SEO and online marketing needs of your site, besides design and coding. Remember that having a website is not enough to get you business. In modern times, without the additional services, a web design firm cannot be seen to offer much.


Like with other hiring decisions, you wouldn’t want the unfortunate experience of working with an unprofessional designer or agency. First, pay attention to the agency’s style of communication. Do they take time to listen to and understand your needs, or do they just try to rush the process so they can earn their money quickly? On timelines–is there some kind of a workflow process designed, to ensure clients’ project can be finished in time? Is a support line you can get through on business hours given? If the studio cannot satisfactorily address these questions, you may have to go find another.

Competitive pricing

Pricing is always a consideration in the services we buy, and it might surprise you just how much web design prices can vary from one firm to another. However, it’s not always prudent to choose the cheapest provider. Compare prices offered by a few companies in your areas, by all means, but you shouldn’t have to compromise n your standards.