Types Of Pet Insurance Cover For Your Pet

You love your pet and want to do pet insurance. But for that you must assess what are the maximum risks for your pet and what conditions do you need your pet insurance to cover and the duration of the pet insurance you want to invest in.


There are various types of pet insurance covers and different claim basis for veterinary bills. But the wide range of insurance cover for your pets can be grouped roughly into :

Lifetime is the best cover you can get for your pet. You will have to pay premium every year and the insurer will have to cover for your pet, regardless of age and condition. Premiums are likely to increase with the age of your pet.

Annual insurance is the flexible option. You have to pay premium for 12 months and you can change to a cheaper policy each year. This policy may cost less but might not cover preexisting condition.

Accident-related insurance is the cheapest and most basic cover. This covers accidents like your pet being hit by a car but doesn’t include illnesses and most pet insurance claims are for illnesses, not accidents.

So you have decided to go for a pet insurance that will cover the veterinary bills of your pet. But you must get a detailed idea about what you can Claim for vet bills.

A pet insurance’s claim basis determines how it will cover vet fees. The covers are per year, per condition, per condition per year or per condition no time limit.

Per year is the insurance policy that provides a set amount of money in each policy year. If the policy money has reached its limit, the policy is renewed.

Per condition provides a set amount of money towards veterinary treatment for each condition or illness within a policy year. Once the limit has been reached, no cover will be provided for that condition or illness in later years.

Per condition, per year a set amount of money towards vet treatments for all conditions and illnesses is provided. If the limit is reached in the policy year, treatment is stopped until the policy is renewed.

Per condition no time limit this is suitable for conditions that need treatment year after year for lifetime. Love your furry goof ball and do pet insurance.