Tips for Memorable Children’s Birthday Parties

Are you about to plan a birthday party for your child or the child of a family member or dear friend? The options are limitless.  Younger children burst with excitement as their birthdays near and that excitement can be contagious. Follow these recommendations from the moms and professional party planner to ensure the party you’re hosting for a very special child is a fun and memorable experience.

As a general rule of thumb, the number of invitees should not exceed the child’s age. For example, a six year old should not invite more than six guests. Experts agree that anymore and the birthday child can easily become overwhelmed and overstimulated.  Together with the birthday child, select a theme that’s age appropriate. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from one of the many long cherished character themes available at the Disney Store.  Remember, the point of the party is to celebrate the birthday child, not your peers. Don’t get conned into renting ponies, magicians, clowns and bounce houses. Memories are made from simple games and good friends. Do plan games and crafts that are age appropriate. One of the great things about having children engage in a craft activity is that the craft can also serve as the party favor.

Designate a time and place for the party and send out invitations. Be sure to indicate the time the party will be over on the invitation as well as contact information for rsvp’s.  Order a cake and purchase decorations. Keep it simple. An extravagant party this year will only serve to grow the child’s expectations for the following year.  Keep the party child focused. Plan to take plenty of pictures during the party and as the child opens their gifts. Make a list of gifts and who they’re from to help with the thank you note process. Thank you notes should be completed and mailed the same week as the party took place. You’ll be teaching life-long etiquette skills if you insist on this.  Have a grand time making memories that will last a lifetime!