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Tips When Buying Koi Fish

Koi is a type of freshwater fish that is ideally collected and bred by people as a form of hobby. Many people love their aesthetic features and long life, which is why it’s no longer a surprise that it is very popular among pet and fish lovers.

Now if you’re planning to start your own collection of Koi fish soon, then you first must know how to purchase the right ones. Well, buying seems to be nothing but a walk in the park, but you must understand that there are several things you have to learn first.

The first thing you want to ensure is you buy from a credible and legitimate source. The thing with Koi is that not all of them are of good quality, suggesting that you could end up purchasing a kind that’s unhealthy or was not subjected to quarantine measures. The reason why it is important to know more about the supplier or seller is because you want to know where the Koi came from.

In buying Koi, another important reminder is to make an actual visit to the shop. Never intend to purchase the fish if you only saw it online via pictures and videos. Know that it’s not like you’re just buying an iPhone. Doing an actual visit is the only way to make a physical examination and observation of the fish, the purpose of which is for you to know if it’s healthy and without fungus and parasites.

Because you’re a prospective buyer, it falls within your right to ask questions directed to the seller, more particularly on the Koi’s history. The failure to provide a full account of the origin of the Koi, including the information on how it was transported is proof that the deal in acquiring it is shady.

You also want to know if the fish underwent quarantine and for how long. The most ideal quarantine period is three weeks at least.

When you’re settled with the seller, it’s time to study and be familiar with the most common types of Koi. The reason is for you to have an initial idea on what you’re really getting. Put in mind that if you choose a young Koi, there’s certainty that its color will change once it grows older. So if you are quite specific about the markings as well as the color patterns, you must refrain from choosing a young Koi.

As for your specific Koi type choices, you get the liberty to pick from a wide range of variants, including the Bekko, Hakari Muji, Hakari Utsuri, Asagi, Kin Gin Rin, and Kohaku, with each one of them having distinctive colors and markings for your picking.

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