The Essential Laws of Dogs Explained


The idea that guard dogs can also work as service dogs are so far from the truth, but those who have been trained as service dogs can still be trained to become a guard dog, but not necessarily the other way around. The reason for this is because, service gods are mostly trained to assist visual and hearing impaired persons rather than become guard dogs; though as mentioned earlier, they can be easily trained for it too. You cannot just pick any dog to perform this kind of role, there are still certain qualities that must be seen in the pet before they are even trained to become service dogs.

Chosen service dogs must display some or all of these traits such as slow temperament, a quick and alert disposition, a solid emotional makeup, must be in the peak of health, fantastic patience and displays a keen understanding of what humans need, and most of all, is extremely loyal and obedient.

If you are thinking of letting your dog undergo ptsd service dog training, make sure that you do a thorough research about it first. For there are certain constraints that you might end up facing such as the expenses, dedicated time or hours required to complete the training, patience, as well as total dedication to see the whole thing through.

In reality, once you decide to push on with the ptsd service dog training, you will have to confront many tasks and challenges but you have to overcome them together with your dog. Plus, it would take a long time for you to earn the dedication and loyalty of your pet – the kind that could only be bred by going through such level of training.

The primary job of a service dog is to assist those individuals who cannot see or hear, as well as for mobility needs, and also to serve as a guide or as a watchdog for anything that might pose grave dangers to his owner.

The training to become service dogs usually begins in the age of puppies, just several months after momma dog gave birth to them, and will need to continue until they are fully grown. They must learn to wear their collar and vest during the early stage of their lives. Rightly so, going through the training of becoming a guard dog is by no means an easy task; it is a huge responsibility that must be faced head on by both the dog and its handler in order to successfully train the pet to become a truly qualified service dog later on.