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6 Reasons to Quit Online Dating

A great number of people have at least once tried online dating. They do it because at some point they feel lonely and upset because of an inability to find that special person in real life (especially if we are talking about 50+ age). For them, dating for over 50 is a chance to still create a family.

Younger people use various dating apps like Tinder, Jswipe, and many others. Yet their purpose is also the same – to find an interesting and amusing person with whom they can grow old.

So, if online dating is so beneficial, then why lots of people advise to quit it?

The disadvantages of online dating


  1. Boredom – the majority of people register on various online dating websites just because they feel lonely. If you live in a cosmopolitan city, go to the gym, have a job, social life, and many other things constantly

3 Tips for Keeping Your Horse Happy and Healthy

A great deal of effort goes into caring for a horse. Not only do horses live long lives compared to many other animals, they also have specialized dietary and health needs. However, while taking care of a horse may present a number of challenges, it’s by no means impossible. Provided proper care is taken, your horse can live for several decades. Anyone who’s new to caring for horses would be wise to put the following tips to good use.

1. Groom Frequently

To keep your horse’s coat nice and shiny and prevent the spread of fleas, it’s strongly advised that you frequently brush your horse. In fact, many horse owners perform brushings on a daily basis. You’ll need to start with a rubber brush, which will loosen up the dirt, and follow up with a dandy brush, which will remove the dirt. Additionally, you can prevent matting by using a …