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Pet Medical doctors are excited to open New Zealand’s first and only dedicated Veterinary Hospital for exotic pets and wildlife. Even so, aside from the owners needing to deal with the excessive chewing habit this species is prone to, they are wonderfully enriching pets that thrive with the proper human’s care. The city of West Bend, Wisconsin passed an ordinance against exotic pets following a resident was noticed walking the streets with a big snake around his neck, and Muskego, Wisconsin designed a similar ordinance right after a wallaby attack injured two youngsters. Rather than flat-out banning possession, some jurisdictions establish licensing schemes, whereby individuals need to acquire a permit, usually from the state fish and wildlife division, prior to owning an exotic pet.

For example, in North Carolina, where there are no statewide laws governing exotic pet ownership, the Surry County board of commissioners recently banned massive cats, non-native venomous reptiles, nonhuman primates, and wolves right after a 10 year old boy and a 14 year old girl were mauled by captive tigers in separate incidents. What we’re supporting right here is NATURE, and enabling creatures to stay and thrive in their natural habitats rather than be a cool talking point amongst your buddies when you bring the exotic out at house parties. Some states do not completely ban exotic pets, even though they do seek to monitor them within their borders.

With many Hollywood motion pictures and Television shows devoted to the sharp-toothed sea creatures, it was only a matter of time before people began wanting their extremely personal sharks for pets. It enumerates a lengthy list of prohibited species by their scientific and widespread names, which includes the typical exotic pets like tigers, primates, and wolves, as effectively as some more obscure animals such as scaly anteaters, stingrays, and pandas, to name just a handful of. Exotic in fact refers to a species that is not native or indigenous to the owner’s place. A third important variable in exotic pet laws is the consequences for violation of the statute, in both human and animal terms.

The animals on this list (fennec fox, tiny wild cats, tamandua, bush baby, sloths, boa constrictor, wallaby, deer, capybara) are either not generally taken from the wild to supply the pet trade in the U.S. or never ever. Nevertheless, the preferred trend, for the sake of efficient enforcement, is to list which animals are prohibited. Not all exotic animals make great pets, please do investigation when contacting any person on an animal you want as a pet.

If and when the person realizes he/she can no longer care for an exotic pet, he/she usually turns to zoos and other institutions such as sanctuaries to relieve him/her of the duty. These states have developed licensing schemes to regulate exotic pets by providing the authority to state agencies to situation permits for animals deemed sufficiently secure. State statutes typically reserve the authority to list new animals to the director of the state wildlife agency.