6 Reasons to Quit Online Dating

A great number of people have at least once tried online dating. They do it because at some point they feel lonely and upset because of an inability to find that special person in real life (especially if we are talking about 50+ age). For them, dating for over 50 is a chance to still create a family.

Younger people use various dating apps like Tinder, Jswipe, and many others. Yet their purpose is also the same – to find an interesting and amusing person with whom they can grow old.

So, if online dating is so beneficial, then why lots of people advise to quit it?

The disadvantages of online dating


  1. Boredom – the majority of people register on various online dating websites just because they feel lonely. If you live in a cosmopolitan city, go to the gym, have a job, social life, and many other things constantly at your disposal, then sooner or later you will get tired and bored of them. Life stops being exciting without that one and only person and to find them, you register on a dating site.
  2. Fake profiles – when looking through multiple profiles, you come across very interesting men and women and get curious to know more about them. When you chat with them, you build a certain idea of who they are and very often, these can be scammers or just people who lie a lot about themselves. They refuse to meet, stop answering the messages and just disappear.
  3. First impressions – the first thing a person pays attention to is, of course, a picture, based on which you either get interested or not. Whereas in real life, we are capable of seeing not only faces but moves, gestures, actions, hear voices, etc.
  4. Game – for many registered people, such dating sites or apps is just a way of entertainment. It can be compared to a game: you either chat or “keep playing”.
  5. Unhappiness – dating websites is a great possibility to escape from life you don’t completely enjoy. It is a distraction from reality. When you realize that, simply change something about your life rather than rush to register on a dating site.
  6. Crazy – it is pretty hard to talk to numerous people, trying to remember everything about them and not confuse them with somebody else. It just drives people crazy.

Online dating can be beneficial but there are drawbacks that may become the reasons for quitting it altogether.