Month: September 2017

Four Critical Animal Shelter Functions You Should Appreciate

Most peoples’ first impressions about animal shelters aren’t pleasant. Many think of animal shelters as crowded camps of stray pets and other animals that people either didn’t want or couldn’t afford to keep. Sadly, the impressions formed about animal shelters can impact even the good work that they do. What many don’t realize is that most animal shelters do their best to facilitate long and happy lives for dogs, cats, and other pets they encounter. In order to clear the air, let’s review four crucial things that animal shelters in your area are actually doing.

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Provide Medical Attention

Some people have this idea that animal shelters merely take in animals, hold them, and then either send them to new homes (or in some unfortunate cases, euthanize them). This just isn’t true! Most animal shelters provide around-the-clock medical care to pets out of their own pockets. From vaccinations …